Boxing Marketing Services | Helping Boxers Secure Lifechanging Sponsorships


Our aim is to make your journey towards securing a sponsor as straightforward as possible. If you have any questions that aren’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

No. There are no upfront fees to join.

Please check with us before you accept any new sponsorships whilst we work for you as we may have generated the sponsorship enquiry through our efforts.

Our fee is payable immediately when you receive monies from the sponsoring company.

Yes we can and we charge just 10% for this service.

This totally depends on many factors such as your geographical location, profile, and marketability.

We would say the process takes approximately 8-12 weeks to get up and running.

Please read our full terms here to become familiar with what is expected of you. Providing regular content and to honour your agreements is important.

If we have secured annual/ongoing sponsorships for you then you will be unable to cancel your agreement with us until these have ended.

We take on talent from other disciplines contact us here to see if we can work together apply here.

We have been involved in securing sponsorships for professional boxers since 2020 however we have been on sales and marketing for over 60 years collectively as a team.